The Benefits of Adult Day Care Programs and Services

Adult Day Care Association of New Jersey pic
Adult Day Care Association of New Jersey

Bruno D’uva is the co-founder and director of development and acquisition of Signature Senior Services, a senior medical services company that has already launched two medial adult day care facilities in New Jersey. A practiced businessman with a decade and a half of health care and real estate experience, Bruno D’uva is a member of the Adult Day Care Association of New Jersey.

The Adult Day Care Association of New Jersey (also called the New Jersey Adult Day Services Association, or NJADSA) is a collection of community programs for older individuals with physical or mental conditions that require regular treatment or care, but not institutionalization.

Most adult day care facilities offer Monday through Friday opportunities for their senior members, for about five hours a day. Members are retrieved from their homes and brought to the center, where social activities are arranged and encouraged.

While a day care service can be of great benefit to elderly individuals by offering the opportunity to interact with other participants of their generation, the facilities also have the advantage of offering regular caregivers, such as the in-home specialists many of the seniors require, a short respite from their intensive duties while still ensuring the safety of their patients.