Trends for Senior Living and Service Providers in 2017

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Signature Senior Services

 Signature Senior Services director of development and acquisitions Bruno D’Uva recently established two new adult day care facilities in New Jersey and has plans to open a state-of-the-art assisted living facility in 2018. A regional leader in full-service senior care, Bruno D’Uva maintains an interest in changing industry conditions and trends.

As 2017 begins, senior care and living providers are facing an unprecedented level of competition. Senior living centers are changing to meet new needs, take advantage of new technologies, and continually improve the level of care they provide.

According to industry stakeholders, senior living providers are likely to try to fill different niches and differentiate themselves in 2017. Rather than simply expanding offerings in amenities and recreation, facilities may begin to offer better disease management programs and other specialized services.

Service providers will also adapt to better allow senior citizens to live in their own homes. They will likely utilize new technology and expand services outside of their retirement communities. For example, providers may send medication reminders digitally or use remote technology to monitor safety.