Adult Day Care in New Jersey


Bruno D'uva
Bruno D’uva

Longtime entrepreneur Bruno D’Uva serves as director of development and acquisitions at Signature Senior Services, a provider of medical adult day care and senior living facilities in New Jersey. As part of his commitment to the industry and the families that receive care from his services, Bruno D’Uva maintains membership with the New Jersey Adult Day Services Association.

The New Jersey Adult Day Services Association (NJADSA) exists to meet the needs of senior citizens across the state. It focuses on individuals who require treatment or assistance, but are not yet in need of full-time care or institutionalization. The organization represents 6,200 families across New Jersey, helping them keep their loved ones healthy and active.

Medical Adult day services in New Jersey generally care for participants five hours a day. During these hours, seniors can be evaluated by doctors and nurses, socialize, play games, and take advantage of a wide variety of entertaining activities designed to meet certain cognitive needs. Care providers maintain individualized care plans for each client, updated at least quarterly.

Facilities always have at least one nurse on site. Program staff maintain an up-to-date health profile for each client and conduct monthly weigh-ins. A minimum of two nutritionally balanced meal is provided each day, with extra care given to any special dietary needs.

To find a care center in New Jersey, visit the NJADSA locator online at