Signature Senior Services Offers Quality Care for Seniors

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Signature Senior Services

Bruno D’Uva serves as the director of development and acquisitions for Signature Senior Services, which focuses on senior medical adult day care. Under Bruno D’Uva’s guidance, the company plans to open an assisted living facility in 2018.

Currently Signature owns facilities in Paterson and Montclair, New Jersey. Both locations offer an array of activities and health services that take into account both the body and the mind.

The staff works with residents individually in physical therapy to build mobility and endurance. They understand the importance of personalized care to maintaining quality of life. In addition to fostering cameraderie, physical activities such as Pilates and yoga keep spirits fresh and the body tuned.

Social programs help residents make friends with each other. Additionally, Signature provides access to social media that puts residents in contact with loved ones, including Skype and Facebook.

Not only does this social focus enhance relationships, it may even benefit physical and mental health. Reduced blood pressure, a more effective immune system, and enhanced memory may result from enjoyable group activities. Signature’s get-togethers, such as a chess club, karaoke, bingo, and swimming offer relaxation and enjoyment. All of these events combine to create a safe and fun atmosphere that makes residents feel at home.